Wearing Blazers With Plaid Pants? Here’s How To Do it

Posted on May 27, 2015 By

Blazers and plaid pants are a decades-old style match, that reaps elegance, and nothing other than sophistication. Plaid, for starters, has always been the pattern that is casual, yet neat enough for really professional settings. Plaid dress shirts, for example are a staple for most casual and business-casually dressed gentlemen. The horizontal and vertical lines along with the differentiation in colors and stripes makes the plaid garment one that is effortlessly creative, and so common in that it is merely accepted as a common style. One way that plaid can be worked into an outfit for guys, and not look so expected, is to a sport the pattern on trousers. Plaid pants are an excellent way to boast a modern style, and with the addition of blazers for groups fashion styles, the outfit will be simply stunning. The secret is out, and the upscale men of the Savile Row have known for years, that the plaid style isn’t one to be ignored.

Sporting plaid pants with blazers for groups is quite simple, well as long as you take these few key pointers and apply them to your look! First and for most, plaid is definitely not a neutral pattern, so it really fits best if paired with solid color shoes such as brogues, and a solid color blazer. Pairing brogue shoes with plaid pants makes the outfit much more uniforn, neat, and comfortable. Your style is truly one that will be appreciated among fashion critics if you get that look right. Blazers for men being solid color are the perfect garment that will add a clean and elegant touch to your overall look!

Blazers being paired with the right patterns are really important, especially if you’re going to¬†forray into events where the other gents will be well groomed and dressed. One smart, and surefire way that you too can be as dapper, and charming as possible, is to pair your blazer with plaid pants or shorts. Try that look, and be really prepared for the excellent style compliments!


Blazers For Groups … Dressing To Impress!

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Excellent teamwork and coordination are just a few of the great assets that groups can boast. However, one very obvious, but rather centerpiece item to boast about is apparel. It has long been known that people of the same kind, simply flock together. Sporting the same, cool jacket that is neat, presentable, and seriously stylish, is just one more thing to add to the laundry list of cool features of a soccer team, a choir, or even attendees at a wedding performance! From elegant materials such as velvet and wool, to the more simple and common cotton and polyester fabrics, blazers with excellent tailoring, and creative, modern style are what hip, modern groups are wearing. Just because the event is rather formal, and some may argue, reserved, does not mean that blazers for groups need to be plain. Everything comes together in an awesome way when groups wear eye catching garments, that are not distracting, but complements the great quality of the event. Here are some surefire ways that wearing fashionable blazers can make any group much more attractive, and very, very, cool to any audience!

Blazers With Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs have been the accessory of choice that matches blazer jackets. Th accessory is easy to wear, lightweight, and can add a bit more style to the overall look. Sporting a paisley handkerchief will go to show that your group is very updated in style, and prepared for a great event! With a cool paisley or patterned, silk handkerchief worn in the pocket of the blazer, complements will be all too familiar!

Vests.. AND Blazers = An excellent duo

Vests have traditionally been sported inside blazer jackets because they complement each other, and can often times match in design and fabric. Sporting a simple vest inside a blazer will make the group dapper, elegant, and upscale. With this cool look, gentlemen in the group will be as attractive as ever. Taking a traditional style cue from top stylists such as sporting a vest inside a blazer jacket is one excellent way to rev up any event!

Blazers remain a great way to make any group well dressed, presentable, and neat. Sporting a handkerchief, or even a boutonniere, or a vest will really do wonders for any group’s look. Staying fashionable as a sports team, choir, or even wedding band just became a lot more easier! Great style is a reality for groups, especially with the right blazer styles!